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Some of WIN’s action points from the 2014-2019 Kildare Integration Strategy (KIS)


1. The Development, signing-off and circulation of the First ever Diversity Training Charter For Service Providers in County Kildare (Action 2.9) 

 2. Hosting of monthly individual and collective English language sessions for non-native English speakers (Action 1.2).



  3. Data gathering and uploading of localised community directories of organisations and services in Athy, Co Kildare within the confines of no funding (Action 2.6).



  4. Developed and circulated one-stop housing chart for ease of access to housing in County Kildare (Action:4.1).



  5. Organised and held annual Intercultural Events: Fun, Film & Food  2014-2016, Dance, Drama Delicious Delicacies 2017-2019 and 2020-2021 Online Intercultural Event: Tales by Moonlight, Poems and Short Stories. (Action:4.2).



  6. Designed, Developed and circulated Posters and Flyers to stem the tide of racism, discrimination, stereotypes, myths and mis-understandings through positive actions. Also organised fun-shops on challenging self and others on discriminatory attitudes etc (Action: 4.6)





Excited for Birmingham Trip this 2018 Christmas; pack up your bag and get ready. # Birminghamforendyear/newyear



Christmas and New Year Gig for WINNING KIDS; Saturday, 3rd, January, 2016.Call for details.


Christmas Event; Sat. Dec, 12th, 2015. Call for details........










1. Do you wonder how your Brain & Heart work?

If you had the knowledge to change the course for good, would you take it up?


If the answer is yes, then come to a Free Well-Being Seminar with Dr. Anthony, A a Physcian; Wed. 9th Dec, 2015@10am-12noon. Venue: Athy Youth Cafe; A stone throw from Athy Library, Emily Square!!


There will be hot finger foods and healthy drinks.........It Couldnt get any better with Christmas nearly here.




2. Christmas Ladies Night Out: Friday; 4th Dec, 2015. Take off@7pm

3. CULTURE NIGHT: This event was on Friday, 18th September, 2015 from 6-8pm. The programme was divided into two parts.

Part 1: 6-7pm

the cooking challenge. Here, participants who wish can compete in the three age categories: 12-14years, 15-18years and 19years and above. Three prizes will be won in total with one each per category.

Part 2: 7-8pm

Dancing, drumming, food tasting, story telling, talking, games and sampling. The event is free to attend but those wishing to take up the cooking challenge must pre-register before 18th August, 2015 with their menu or choose from WIN's International cookery book.


WIN will provide the cooking space and prizes. This event is supported by Culture Night, Kildare County Council.




4. 9th Celebrating Diversity in Athy was held on Thursday, 14th May, 2015@ Athy Library, Emily Square, Athy from 1100-1400hrs. 

This year's event was a resounding success, Thanks to all who participated.

Special thanks to Kildare County Council Festival Grant Team for proudly supporting Celebrating Diversity in Athy.


Watch out for 10th Celebrating Diversity in Athy, 2016



5. Do you wonder how your Brain & Heart work? 

If you had the knowledge to change the course for good, would you take it up?


If the answer is yes, then come to a Free Well-Being Seminar with Dr. Anthony, A a Physcian; Wed. 9th Dec, 2015@10am-12noon. Venue: Athy Youth Cafe; A stone throw from Athy Library, Emily Square!!


There will be hot finger foods and healthy drinks.........It Couldnt get any better with Christmas nearly here.




6. Christmas Ladies Night Out: Friday; 4th Dec, 2015. Take off@7pm.


7. WINNING KIDS 2015 Summer Camp: commenced with 3days Camping in Dunmore-East with visits to Tramore Sea side (1st - 3rd July). 2015 camp concluded with a bash on Saturday, 11th July, 2015 in Athy. Watch this space space for 2016 Summer Camp.



WIN supports Arts For Peace exhibition by Hubert Mavinga. This exhibition opens 7-8.30pm tomorrow night, Tuesday, 16th June, 2015 @ The Heritage Centre, Athy thereafter will be on 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday@ The Heritage Centre until, Friday 26th June, 2015.

Varied art works will be on display throughout this period.

The Esteemed Frank Taaffe is the Special Guest Speaker.

Come and support 'Arts For Peace' which inturn supports charities that promote peace and positive empowerment for common good.

Special thanks to Margaret and all staff at the Heritage Centre for their assistance. See you tomorrow night at 7pm. 

9. First Action Point from Kildare ntegration  Strategy; Organize week long County-wide Intercultural Events. Events held at Maynooth, Lexlip, Newbridge & Athy the week of March 14th -21st, 2015.

10. Kildare Integration Strategy Public Planning 
Meeting now completed. Implementation of planned strategy to commence immediately. WIN will be leading four action points.

11. Ladies Night Out!!! Special Dinner to mark 
International Women's Day@ The Ngai Restaurant, Athy. Time is 7-8pm.

12. Table Quiz, American Auction, Free Draw and 
much more fun for the whole family; Thursday, 26th March, 2015. 6- 8pm. Watch this space for Venue and details.

13. Coffee Morning; Tuesday, 3rd February, 2015 @ 
The Dominican Hall, St. Dominics Parish, Athy; 10am- 12noon.

14. Halloween Party for Kiddies, Saturday, 31st 
October, 2015 6-7pm. Contact us for details.

15. Annual summer camp: 6th - 10th July, 2015. 
Contact us for details. Only 20 slots; open to children from 4-12years.

16. 2014 8th Celebrating Diversity Supported by 
Kildare County Council Festival Grants.

17. 2015 Celebrating Diversity : 9th Year watch this 

18. New Toys Appeal..... Check NoticeBoard Page 
for details

19. !!!Christmas Day Out For WINNING KIDS, 6th 
December, 2014.....For details, call WINNING KIDS  Co-ordinator, Edith on 0857302474.

20. WIN Partners with FoodCloud re-'No Good Food Goes To Waste' commenced Oct, 2014

21. !!!!!!Items for International Exchange

International Volunteer Visits held July-August, 2014.              


22. Kildare Integration Strategy Public Planning Meeting in Conjuction with WIN, Athy; Thursday, 10th April, 2014. Athy Library from 10am-1pm. Free to attend and participate. Come and make your voices heard.

23. Table Quiz, American Auction, Draw and

     much more fun for the whole family;

     Friday, 4th April, 2014. 6-8pm. Watch this

     space for Venue and details.

24. Coffee Morning; Tuesday, 4th February,

     2014 @ The Dominican Hall, St. Dominics

     Parish, Athy; 10am- 12noon.

25. Halloween Party for Kiddies, Friday, 31st

     October, 2014 6-7pm. Contact us for


26. Annual summer camp: 8th - 12th July, 2014.

     Contact us for details. Only 20 slots; open

     to children from 4-12years.

27. 2014 Celebrating Diversity : 8th Year and


28. Celebrating Diversity : 7th Year Special

     Two Days Event for The Gathering, 2013.

      Dates: Tuesday 7th and Wednesday, 8th

      May, 2013. Venue:  Emily Square, Athy

29  New Toys Appeal:
 WIN, Athy wishes to

     kindly request for New unwanted Toys for

     children aged 3yrs-12yrs. Please

     call 0851426012 from 10am-1pm, Mon-Fri, to

     pick up for distribution to children in

     in dire straits this Christmas season. 

30. !!!Christmas Party / American Auction on

      Saturday, 15th December, 2012. Time:

      4pm-7pm. Venue is Clancy's Pub, Athy,

       Co. Kildare. All are invited. Please come

       and support us.                                                                  
31. KFM Radio's Documentary on the New  

     Irish is about to take off, contact Dympna

     on  for this once in a bluemoon

     opportunity to tell your story yourself.......

32. Items For International Exchange: 

     WIN, ATHY'S still accepting useful  

     household items, good&working

     computers, sewing machines, printers,

     clean clothes, complete & good pairs of

    shoes, children's toys/books for

    forthcoming charity auction.


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